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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mike Diani, Age 26, Loses His Battle With Lung Cancer

My aunt Lin found this on the community board, about a volleyball coach named Mike Diani. I can not put this into words better than Mike's Friend, so I am going to cut and paste Mike's story from the forums. This is another sad case, similar to Laurianne's. Mike was only 26 years old, and his wife is expecting their first child.

Kaepa Xplosion coach Mike Diani passes away at age 26

Mikes Friend
(3/29/06 8:54 am)
Please pray for Mike and Erin Diani (Kaepa Xplosion coach)

Dear friends and family in the volleyball community:

The good thing about being such a close knit group of people is that you know that when someone needs some prayers or good thoughts sent their way, we can always count on each other. Unfortunately, there is a situation here in St. Charles, MO that I think should be brought to attention here and hopefully with our thoughts and prayers this family will know they are loved.

When you live your life “by the rules”, you don’t anticipate the “unexpected” to be a part of your life. Michael Diani, age 26, young and healthy, cruised through his early years with goals and plans to be followed. He graduated college in 2002, got married to Erin (Clark) Diani in 2004, and bought his first house in 2005. His smooth course changed in January 2006. Within the same week, Mike’s grandmother passed away, his wife Erin proudly announced that they were pregnant with their first child, and Michael was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Michael spent the majority of January - March in Barnes Jewish Hospital under the care of doctors who are being challenged because a young, athletic, non-smoker should not have this type of cancer. Michael’s cancer is not a text book case. The doctors have been using an aggressive chemotherapy program designed for Michael.

Recently the doctors told Mike and Erin that they found another tumor on his liver. It seems that the cancer has been spreading. His wife, Erin, ran down to the other end of the hospital and had an ultrasound so she could tell Mike that they will be having a baby girl.

We don't know what the future holds for the Diani's but we are just asking right now for your thoughts and prayers. Every single one helps...

Thank you,

Friends of the Diani's
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Mikes Friend
3/30/06 8:28 am)
Fund for Mike and Erin

Here are thre details for the fund that was set up to help Mike and Erin Diani through the tough time they are experiencing.

Mike Diani Benefit
c/o Regions Bank
1416 Harvestowne Industrial Drive
St. Charles, MO 63304

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I will try to keep you updated on his conditions.
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Mikes Friend
(4/4/06 11:21 am)
Reply Sad News

Dear Volleyball Community,

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this hard time for Mike and Erin Diani and also for the St. Charles Kaepa Xplosion 16's team they are coaching.

Unfortunately, Mike passed away early Monday morning (Lynda's Note: Monday, April 3). Please now focus your thoughts and prayers on Erin and the baby that she will be expecting in a few months.

Thanks again.

When I was in California in the beginning of the month, my mom made the observation that Laurianne's situation is one of those things that always happens to someone else. It is one of those things that you hear about, but you never expect that it will happen to you. Do you think the Diani's expected that Mike, at age 26 and in the prime of his life, would have to fight lung cancer? I know my family wasn't expecting Laurianne to have such a grim diagnosis.

Lung cancer, and really any kind of cancer, can affect anyone at any age. We need to start researching cures for this disease. There is a little boy that barely new his mother, because she had lung cancer. And there is a little girl who isn't even born yet, who will never know her father because of this insidious disease. Lung cancer has a very low survival rate, and it usually takes its victims very quickly. It is up to the friends, family and the people who do survive to spread the word about this disease. It is up to us to put up the good fight so there aren't more Laurianne Konings and Mike Dianis who have to suffer this disease.

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