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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Share Your Cancer Story

Today I added Sharon Gehon to my list of people who died from lung cancer. Sharon passed away from the disease only 5 months after diagnosis. Her daughter, blogger Bluepaintred left me the information in the comments.

This left me with an idea. Sometimes it is very difficult for my dad and I to come up with a post. There is interesting news articles sometimes, and sometimes an event. But a lot of you visit here, and you have said you have lost loved ones to lung cancer.

If you leave a name and a date in comments or email me at, then I will add your loved one to the sidebar. If you would like, you can also email me your lung cancer story, and I will post it here on the webpage. And since Laurianne wanted Calem's generation not to have to worry about cancer, if you have a different cancer story, I am willing to share that too!

People who find Laurianne's Hope read about my sister, Laurianne. There are a lot of other stories out there, and I think the voices of those we have lost need to be heard as well. Lung cancer can spread so quick, that we as the loved ones need to help share their story.

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