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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Support Increased Funding for Lung Cancer Research

WALC has a petition to help make politicians realize the danger of lung cancer. Lung cancer is more common in women, but it can affect men as well. Not only can men get lung cancer, but they may have a wife, mother, sister or daughter who can be afflicted by this disease. This disease isn't just for smokers and those who live and work in a second-hand smoke environment. My sister was one of the 10-15% who can be afflicted without ever having smoked or living with smokers.

Please share this link with the people in your email address book and ask them to sign the petition today! This is a very important issue. Lung cancer is severely underfunded and without proper funding, we will not find a cure.

From the petition website:

Dear Mr. President, Senators and Representatives:

It is a little known and much ignored fact that LUNG CANCER kills more women in the United States of America each year than any other cancer. Over 160,000 Americans will die this year from lung cancer and nearly 70,000 of those will be our mothers, sisters and daughters. To put this in perspective, lung cancer will be responsible for more deaths than breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer combined.

Women Against Lung Cancer is a unique non-profit organization of leading scientists, physicians, nurses and advocates dedicated to DECREASING DEATHS DUE TO LUNG CANCER, AND HELPING PATIENTS LIVE LONGER AND BETTER, THROUGH RESEARCH, AWARENESS AND ADVOCACY. As our country's representatives and leaders, we need your help to increase awareness of, improve education about, and support research funding for this disease. A marked increase in research funding specifically for LUNG CANCER is urgently needed. As you know, improvements in survival will only come through increased research. We believe that an up-front investment of research dollars is critical to raise awareness and increase research efforts to at least the level of achievement currently being expended on other common types of cancer.

Signed,Women Against Lung Cancer and the People of America whose lives have been changed forever by LUNG CANCER

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