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Friday, December 02, 2005

Cancer Survivor

My dad found an article about lung cancer in the Grenada Star. This is an excerpt about a lung cancer survivor named Jamie Young:

Many Lung cancer patients give up hope and don't have the will to survive. New medicine, therapies, treatments and young people wanting to focus on this illness as a lifelong career is the only way to beat this disease and give the 160,000+ that are diagnosed every year the hope they need to look forward to the future.

Some people may ask the question. What about those people that continue to smoke after being diagnosed?

My answer to that is, "What about those people that never smoked and were diagnosed? There are no clear answers and why point fingers. Help should be given to anyone that needs it and asks for it.

That's what God wants to do. Help your neighbor.

Please visit the Grenada Star to read the entire article. Jamie's words are very powerful. I asked for permission to publish the whole thing and will post the article again if they let me.

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