Laurianne's Hope

Thursday, June 22, 2006

8 Months Ago

Doris Roberts, who is probably best known as the mother on Everybody Loves Raymond or the secretary on Remington Steele said:

You have an opportunity when a person dies who is so close to you to lie down and die with them or start another life. It is new. It is different. It won't be the same.

She lost her husband on August 30, 1983 to leukemia after 20 years of marriage.

This quote really resonated with me. It would be so easy to give up, and just let life go by, to stay in bed and not be apart of it anymore. But, the people we love wouldn't want us to give up on life.

Today is the 8 month mark of Laurianne's death. The sun is shining, and though I miss my sister terribly, life feels pretty good. Calem is learning to swim. His Opa is helping him, while his Oma takes some pictures. Life goes on. It is different.

It is the new normal.

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