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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just a thought

Today while reading the news I came across this article.

I was thinking if all people who are affected by lung cancer would go to DC
what message would it send to our goverment ?.Of cause HIV is also a severe health issue we are facing today.But being it a fairly new disease a lot of progress had been made in the last 20 year.The survivability of HIV and AIDS has been significantly improved.Iam sure part of it is because a lot of people rallied for research on the disease and possible treatments.And my feelings are good for them.But in the meantime we are facing an other severe health problem which happens to be under
funded as well wich is called lung cancer.So I was thinking if all of us affected by lung cancer go to Washington and raise cane what would happen with funding for research for lung cancer

Just a thought

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