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Friday, December 30, 2005

In Her Own Words

Here is an email my sister sent to her friends to update them on her condition and to share with them her excitement for the Relay for Life event. I wanted to share her positive attitude and her hope that Calem's generation would not have to face the trials she was facing.

Hi Everybody!
Everything here is going pretty good. Calem is getting
very big, and loves to smile and talk. The only thing
he doesn't love is to sleep at night, but even that
seems to be getting better!
I am still doing chemo, in fact I just signed up for
another 4 months, and in addition I am taking a chemo
pill daily. Something may be working because my tumor
markers were lower on Monday's visit! They can't see
the tumor in x-rays because of all the fluid, but it
is an indication that the tumor can be shrinking.
One of my current projects is raising money for the
American Cancer Society. My family and I are
participating in the signature fundraising event Relay
for Life. We put together a team, and with my team we
will have one person on a track for a total of 24
hours. The event opens up with a cancer survivor walk,
which they have asked me to lead. I will be cutting
the ribbon, and pushing Calem in his stroller. My web
page for this event is
On the right hand side you will see team ranks. Click
on the link that says "more" than you will get a list
of all teams and you will see my name as team captain
for the Cancer Kickers. If you click on my name, there
is a picture I had done of Calem and I when he was 3
weeks old. I hope to raise a lot of money for the
American Cancer Society. I am amazed how many people
are affected. I read that 1 in 3 people will be
diagnosed with cancer at some point in there life! I
hope that Calem and his generation will not have to
worry about cancer as much as we do.
Everything else is going pretty good. This summer
seems to have disappeared before it even started! It
is hard for me to believe that Calem is already almost
2 1/2 months!
I am attatching a more current picture of him. He
looks cuter to me every day (and I am not biased!)
Being a mom is an amazing experience.
I hope everyone is doing well. I will keep you all
updated on everything.

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