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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My opinion about the last couple of blogs

With interest, did I read the blogs of the last couple of days from Dr. Siegel and the response of my daughter, Lynda. I really want to thank the affected parties for their input. I think most people associate smoking with lung cancer and are thinking that lung cancer is a primary smokers disease. It has hampered the funding for research and treatments in comparison to other types of cancers in my opinion. In this respect, I feel there should be more education that lung cancer is not a primary smokers disease, but that it is also prevalent in non smokers. The proclamation and making November Lung Cancer Awareness month could have been a good start in that direction, but putting the emphasis in the proclamation mainly on smoking hasn't helped to take the stigma out of the fact that non smokers are affected as well. I hope next year the wording of the proclamation can be changed by the Governor so there will be less emphasis on smoking and more on lung cancer itself and how it affect people with lung cancer whether you are a smoker, former smoker or non smoker. It is also my opinion that smoking cessation programs are very important not only for lung disease but also for diseases like heart disease, vascular diseases, and many other diseases affected by smoking. My hope for the future is that lung cancer research is given as much funding and attention as other type of cancers by the government and pharmaceutical industries. Thank God for organizations like Lung Cancer Alliance and other organizations for bringing awareness to lung cancer and supporting patients, families, and caregivers affected by this terrible disease.

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