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Friday, February 10, 2006

Who Deserves Lung Cancer?

The finely dressed gentleman has finally gotten to a wealthy point in life. He can afford the finer things - expensive cars, a nice house, fine Cuban cigars after years of cheap cigarettes. He sits back in his office, and lights one of these fine Cuban cigars, inhales deeply and then exhales.

Does he deserve lung cancer?

A young mother gently wakes her children for a new day. She helps them get ready for school. She likes living the traditional role, so she makes breakfast for the family. Her husband comes downstairs and they all eat breakfast together. After breakfast, her husband lights a cigarette.

Does she deserve lung cancer? Does her husband? Her children?

A teenager walking home from school feels a little out of place. He hears his name, and sees one of the popular kids is calling him over. "Dude, you have to try this." The popular kid hands him a cigarette, and he takes a puff. He chokes and sputters, and then tells the popular kid, "No, thanks. I am not interested." As he walks home, the redness of shame creeps in his face as he hears laughing behind him. He wonders if it is too late to go back and take another puff, just to be accepted.

Does the teenager deserve lung cancer? Does the popular kid?

She smoked in college recreationally, but quit after she met her husband. He didn't like smoking. They have been married a few years now. They have a new baby together. Life looks perfect, except when she went to the doctor, there was a spot on her lung. It is lung cancer.

Does she deserve lung cancer?

After years of smoking, he finds out he has lung cancer. He is in pain. It hurts him to laugh and to breathe. There is a lot of laughter and tears, as his family shares what little time they have left. He regrets his decision to smoke. He regrets the pain he has caused his family. When he goes to the doctor, he finds the cancer has spread. It is invading his body.

Does he deserve lung cancer? Does his family deserve to watch him die?

A young woman finds out she is pregnant. During her pregnancy, she has difficulty breathing. She tells people she is starting the "Share the Air" campaign because the baby is taking the oxygen he needs leaving her out of breath. She is told she has pregnancy related asthma. Two days after the baby is born, she finds out she has lung cancer. She isn't a smoker. She doesn't live with smokers. She likes to swim. She is my sister.

Did she deserve lung cancer?

The answer to all these questions is no. No one deserves lung cancer.

Lynda Koning Scherf

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