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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sorrow and Inspiration

Just when I thought that I could handle the grief of Laurianne's passing, a new wave hits me like a freight train. That is what happened to me last night. It is still hard to believe that my sister is gone, and the past few days the tears have sprung to my eyes easily.

One of the things that has bothered me is that I have not really done a lot lately for lung cancer awareness. It is almost like I don't know where to turn next. And then, as if there is a guiding hand to point me in the right direction, I get an email from Women Against Lung Cancer. There is an organization in New York that is looking for anthologies about lung cancer, called The Healing Project. I think they are looking for any kind of story, but specified lung cancer due to the fact that they were writing Women Against Lung Cancer. I quickly wrote a note to the contact, because I think that Laurianne's story could be used.

My family and I have been described as inspiring and wonderful because of what we do to get Laurianne's story out. To be honest, this always surprises me. I just feel like we are doing what we have to do. But I have been inspired by people also, and I am thinking that they probably feel the same way. I would like to tell you a little about the people with lung cancer who inspire me.

Jamie Young - I first read about Jamie in an article my dad forwarded to me. From the article, I knew she was my age and I wished that I could met her. I was so lucky to have that chance with Playing for a Cure. She is so wonderful.

Jamie recently got a trip to New York with her husband to talk to various women's magazine's about lung cancer. She also got a check-up, and right now I believe her doctor's have told her she is tumor-free. I am very proud to know Jamie, and if she ever needed me for anything, I would gladly help her. I plan to be at her next Playing For a Cure!

Lynne - Lynne is my blog buddy. I met her through commenting on the blog, Mom's Cancer. I sometimes get the feeling that Lynne feels like she is being negative, but she really does tell it like it is. If you ever want to know what a person with lung cancer is going through, visit Lynne's blog. In her last few posts, she has talked about her struggles with the disease, and things she is doing about it. Even though she has lost everything to lung cancer, she still appreicates what she has, and that is one of the things I love about Lynne. And Lynne is a non-smoker, just the same as Laurianne was, showing once again that lung cancer does not discriminate.

Phil Berman - Phil Berman is the founder of He has survived for two years with lung cancer. He has formed a community where people with any kind of cancer can come together and journal and know they are not alone. He also keeps a journal of his struggles. I am happy that at his last report he is doing well.

I hope you will take the time to visit these three wonderful people and cheer them on in their battle against lung cancer!

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