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Friday, June 23, 2006

Lung Cancer Awareness Shirts - Please Share Your Thoughts

I have been thinking a long time about making some lung cancer awareness T-shirts. I want something that stands out, or some kind of catchy slogans. I want to promote Laurianne's Hope with the shirts, by putting the web address underneath or on the back.

I want to take the funds and donate them to lung cancer research and the American Cancer Society, as well to be able to save some money to travel to lung cancer awareness events like Playing For a Cure Right now, I am so po' I can't afford the 'or, and I want to be able to do these things for my sister and for myself.

Here are some of my slogan thoughts:
  • Smoking, Asbestos and Radon! Oh, My! (These are some of the causes of lung cancer.)
  • Lung Cancer: It isn't just a smoking disease anymore. (In response to the smoking/lung cancer stigma. Orignially, I thought "It isn't just for smokers anymore" but then people would immediately think second-hand smoke.)
  • I love someone with Lung Cancer. (Shows the human side of the disease.)
  • I breathe for lung cancer research. or how about I breathe for a lung cancer cure.(Like the "I break" bumper stickers. Lung cancer needs more research. This also would be an indication of my activism.)
  • No, I didn't smoke! (Non-smokers get asked that a lot.)
The question is, would anyone else buy them? Please share your thoughts.

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