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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cancer in the Family

I think that it is very rare to find a person who hasn't been affected by cancer. This blog is dedicated to Laurianne, my sister, who had lung cancer. But, there have been other important family members who have also been affected by cancer.

My aunt Lin has chronic lymphocytic leukemia. If you knew Lin like I did growing up, you would know that she was very active. She and my dad would run together, and up until recently she was always running. Of my mom's three sister, Lin was the one who was always on the go. She could put the Energizer bunny to shame. Lin lives a very healthy lifestyle. She doesn't smoke. If she drinks at all, I think it is only on special occasions or rarely. When we were told of her diagnosis, no one would have guessed it.

My aunt Marina, my dad's sister, had breast cancer. She survived breast cancer for many years before she died from a heart condition. She had to have a masectomy, and I remember her being very open about her disease when I had questions for her. Marina smoked and drinked, but she lived in Europe where they also tend to walk a little bit more. She probably did a few things that increased her risk factors, but she was treated and able to live a cancer free life.

My uncle Hans had lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker. The few times I visited, he was a cigarette smoker, but he had graduated to cigars. My husband and I were visiting my folks in 2001, and I remember Hans talking to my dad about coming out for a visit. But his lung cancer spread quickly to his brain. Within a few weeks, lung cancer killed my uncle.

Since my sister's death, I have corresponded with a lot of wonderful people online. In March, Dan and I went to Playing for a Cure, which was organized by Jamie Young, a lung cancer survivor. I regularly visit the blog of another lung cancer survivor, Lynne, who is still fighting the disease and the blog of RoseNose, a breast cancer survivor. And recently, I started reading the blog of a young woman, Anne, who is Laurianne's age and has ovarian cancer. And the list goes on.

Laurianne's hope was that Calem would not have to worry about cancer. One of the things she wanted to do was save the stem cells in her umbilical code to help our aunt Lin. Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be. That is why, in addition to lung cancer, we have other links on our blog. Hopefully, if someone find their way here, looking for help, they can leave with something that will help them.

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