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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Unofficial Eat Chocolate Cake Without Guilt Day

Laurianne loved chocolate cake. It is one of the things I have in common with my sister. So, my mom put out a note to the family to eat a piece of chocolate cake without guilt today, in honor of my sister, for the one year anniversary of her death. She said Laurianne was partial to Claim Jumper Chocolate Motherlode cakes. (But I know she liked the Molten Lava cake at Chili's as well. At least until she threw it up because of her brain tumor.)

I told my mom I was going to ask the blogging community. Eat a piece of chocolate cake in honor of my sister. Tell someone about this person you know and about how lung cancer can affect anyone. Share the website with people.

Calem will have some chocolate cake as well. He loves it as much as his mommy and his Tante Dynda. Well, maybe almost as much.

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