Laurianne's Hope

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It is 3 years today that Laurianne left us. Sometimes it seems far away and other times not. We celebrated her life today with taking Calem to the pumpkin patch. It dulled the pain of this sad day to hear him sing the children song with the car radio and his big smiles of content at the patch. After that we walked a little in downtown Healdsburg. Overall I think we had a quiet and enjoyable day.
Tonight we are burning candles in her memory. I realize every day how lucky we are to be able to raise Calem . He is such a loving kid with a lot of smiles and singing. I realize that sometimes we are better of then other parents who lost a child nevertheless it won't take the pain away. If you read this blog in time please if you can burn a candle in memory of all the people who are battling or have lost the battle to this dreaded disease.

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