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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The First Annual Playing For A Cure - Part 2

(A day late and a dollar short, but here is part 2 as promised. I think it might even be longer than part 1.)

At 12:40, there was a clinic for the band directors. Dan and I took that opportunity to go find a bank and make our lunch. When we got back, we went back to Jamie's sisters and bought some bracelets. We were going to buy some T-shirts for my mom, dad and myself too, but they said the least they could do was pay for our T-shirts after coming all that way for the event. See what I mean by nice! (BTW, I would have gotten a T-shirt for my brother, Michael, but I didn't think he would wear it, so instead I got him a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass, because Laurianne got him one every time she saw a Hard Rock Cafe when traveling.) I also was thinking of getting a wire figurines they had on sale there, but they didn't have a piano player that I could see, so I passed that by. Laurianne played flute first, then she played guitar, but I think she will always be known in our family for the piano.

One of the major visual differences between Division 1 & 2 and Division 3 & 4 is that the morning group (Division 1 & 2) was more casual. Some wore their band uniforms. Some where dressed in casual clothing. I know clothing doesn't make the music, but Dan made the comment to me that the ones that dressed up sounded better to him, and they seemed to care more about the music. When we got to the afternoon group (Division 3 & 4), they were all dress shirts and black slacks for the guys, and nice dresses and slacks for the girls. I think one group everyone wore a nice white dress shirt and black slacks. Musically, the difference between the two groups, from what I understand, is that Division 1 & 2 were not as musically advanced as Division 3 & 4. I found out after the event that Jamie's husband worked at a performing arts school. To me, it also seemed like there were more students in each band, in the afternoon group, though one band in the morning group was also quite large. When that particular morning band left the stage, the drummers got left behind because they got stuck behind some chairs until volunteers came to free them.

After the first band played, I got up to take more pictures of the music stands. I was taking a picture of Jamie's music stand when Cheryl said that Jamie would like to see me. She led me to the back room, and Jamie said they had some food. She asked Cheryl to find Beth and her two sons. I said I would keep an eye out for them as well. I didn't see Beth anymore, but Dan and I went back there and I fixed him a plate. They had salad, lasagna, spagetti and all kinds of great food that was donated by a local restuarant. I think it was called Pete & Amy's but I am not sure anymore. It was excellent food though, and when Dan and I go back to Memphis, I might have to ask Jamie for the name again.

After we ate lunch, which Dan and I really appreciated since the sandwich didn't last long, Dan and I went to listen to some more performances. After the next one, I got up to take pictures again, but instead I ended up talking with Donna Prevost, who is afflicted with cancer of unknown primary, who has cancer in her lungs. I really liked the shirt she was wearing. It said, "I plan to Live Forever. So Far, So Good." or something similar to that. She met Jamie through the same oncologist, and was also very young. I would guess she was in her 30's like Jamie and I. She had moved back in with her parents, but she had such a postive attitude and was so determined to fight the disease. I gave Donna one of the contact cards I had made with my contact informaton and this website. We talked a lot about Donna's illness, Laurianne and how Playing for a Cure was even better than we imagined.

Donna and I finished up our conversation when the next band was ready to perform. When I got up to take more pictures, all the music stands were gone. They were ready to clean up. I was disappointed I didn't get a picture of all of them. But, I do understand the volunteers need to go home too. Next year, Dan and I will have to bring two cameras. Or my parents will have to be there. There was only one band for 4th division, and they also played very well. I think overall, Dan enjoyed the afternoon even more than the morning, and he really enjoyed the morning. He said that Jon Young's band played professional quality. When I told Jamie, she said she woudldn't expect less of them. (She must have been a tough band director. lol) You could tell that all the kids, in all the divisions, really put their hearts and souls into the music.

At 4:20, they had the awards ceremony for 3rd & 4th division. Jamie asked me if I would speak again, and after I realized it was all new people, I agreed. When the awards ceremony started, both times Jamie was honored. The first time her husband came out with some flowers and a plaque, I believe. The afternoon, Donna presented Jamie with a plaque to thank her. They said Jamie didn't want any recognition, but they gave her some anyway. She deserved it. Jamie did a fantastic thing. When I went up to present the Laurianne's Hope award, the two gals that did all the introductions, as well as announced the winners let me know who the winner of the Laurianne's Hope award was. The kids cheered so loud it was deafening when I annouced the winner. It was fantastic. I can't remember the exact school name, but Jamie's husband's school was the one who won the Laurianne's Hope award. I would imagine they knew what the Young family has been going through, as well as many of the other band directors, and it really made me feel good that they cheered so loud. However, it was also very emotional for me, and after the final two awards were presented, I couldn't hold my tears anymore.

Cheryl came over to thank me and we talked about how wonderful it all was. She is so nice and very understanding. She started crying with me. Jamie and I also talked at the end, and I gave her a contact card so we could keep in touch.

I feel so happy and blessed to be a part of this event. Jamie said she was going to keep doing this as long as she felt well. I told her I would be happy to be apart of it next year as well. My parents are talking about going out also.

I took 83 pictures of this event. I am already looking forward to next year. Jamie promised next year would be bigger and better, and you already know how great I think it was!

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