Laurianne's Hope

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Sad Loss

Today the world received the news about the death of Dana Reeve. I took the news personal because she was diagnosed short after Laurianne and her illness had similarities to Laurianne's. She was also a young woman who never smoked and got lung cancer at a young age. With her death I feel like I am reliving a little of Laurianne's death again. It looks like she fought a hard battle and unfortunately lost it. I saw her picture not too long ago and she looked good to me. Unfortunately this disease seems very unpredictable and can claim lives any time. I feel also outraged that there is being so little is being done to find answers to this awful disease. It is too bad that a death of a famous person is necessary to bring awareness to lung cancer. As said before nobody needs lung cancer or any cancer at all. I hope researchers need to take a serious look at lung cancer and that the government needs to spend more money for research. Laurianne would have said CANCER SUCKS.

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