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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lung Cancer Claims More Lives

It seems in the past two weeks, lung cancer has claimed many lives. On Tuesday, February 22, Bruce Hart, who wrote the lyrics to Sesame Street, lost his battle with lung cancer. (I can't find a picture, but I am sure 90% of the world knows the Sesame Street theme.)

On Friday, February 24, just two days after Bruce Hart lost his battle, Don Knotts, who most people would know as either Barney Fife or Mr. Furley, also succumbed to lung cancer.

Dana ReeveThis morning I heard that Dana Reeve lost her battle with lung cancer yesterday. I have been in tears over her death. We first heard about her battle when we were visiting Laurianne last August. I really believed that Dana would pull through and be a survivor. I feel so bad for her son, Will, as well. He lost both his parents at a very young age and in such a short amount of time. Iremember Laurianne said she should write Dana Reeves and Dan Rather (though, she meant Peter Jennings). A few short days later, possibly even the next day, Peter Jennings had lost his battle as well.

Damn you, lung cancer!

UPDATE: If you would like to send your condolences to Dana Reeve's family, the Christopher Reeve Foundation has set up an email address:

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