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Thursday, May 11, 2006


I don't know if it was simple ignorance, or the attitude of "This won't happen to me" before Laurianne's illness, but since Laurianne's death, I have noticed more and more cancer deaths. Some of them have posted blogs, which I think I have found the most stories. Not all of them have been lung cancer related, but still, as I say, any kind of cancer death is painful.

I also realize that I don't really post here as much as I should. Lung cancer awareness will always be a part of my life, but like anything, I can't let this one issue consume me.

I also realize that this isn't the most exciting blog. It is about a topic that people don't really want to think about. Some of the stuff we post here is about our grief and sorrow. Sometimes we post a poem that seems to convey a thimble full of our emotions. There is a wide range of feelings when you are dealing with grief.

I appreciate the people who have linked this blog. I appreicate the people who come back to read, even though they may think cancer will never happen to them. I hope it doesn't. And they come back, even though my dad and I don't post here every day. I respect someone who might be a smoker and read Laurianne's Story, and even though Laurianne was not a smoker, maybe they decide they don't want to increase their chances.

And I hope that people spread the word about this blog. Maybe it will save the life of a person who has a nagging, persistant cough. I thank you that have added the link to Laurianne's Hope somewhere on your blog. Or added Laurianne's picture with our Relay for Life information. I appreciate the comments and kind words, and that people think about me and my family.

Thank you, everyone!

In Laurianne's words:
I am amazed how many people are affected. I read that 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in there life! I hope that Calem and his generation will not have to worry about cancer as much as we do.

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