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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bronchitis and Pnemonia: Laurianne's First Hospitalization

During this month, last year, Laurianne was in the hospital for the first of many times. It could have even been around these dates, but I don't remember the particulars.

She was told she had bronchitis which lead to pnemonia. I had called her on the phone, and her only concern was that her baby boy would be born healthy. Doctors wanted to wait to deliver if they could. Doctors already were discussing what they suspected could be wrong. Of course, until Calem was born, they really didn't want to do anything.

Laurianne wouldn't have let them anyway, if she knew it would hurt her baby.

I remember that she was a little excited about seeing what was going on with Calem. She was nervous that he would not be ok. But after being in the hospital a few days, they released her and told her he was fine.

And only a few weeks later, we would find out that Calem had an unwelcomed bunk mate.

**This is as I remember it. My parents may remember different details, but they are traveling right now.**

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