Laurianne's Hope

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nine Month Anniversary

Today is the nine month anniversary of Laurianne's death. It is hard to believe and from time to time still very unreal. Very often I relive that terrible saturday and sometimes if I hear an ambulance or firetruck I have flashbacks of that night. On other nights it almost seems like she is in New York and will call any moment. We feel fortunate that we have Calem and we see little things in him what we would see in Laurianne. I wil think extra about her today since it is a saturday today and burn a candle tonight .

My Memories
by Jessica L. Gray

It seems as if yesterday
you held out your hand
for a walk in the park
a play in the sand
I know it was just last night
I tucked you in bed
saying our prayers
with a kiss on the head
Sometimes I wonder why you had to go
But the answer to this I already know
So much suffering just can't go
on I finally had realized what I knew all along
I had so much to say
I Love You's to tell
I started to slip
and I almost fell
But I kept on moving one day at a time
My memories kept going
on and on I’m my mind
The day you were born
Your first big girl bike
I know you put these there
for me to keep in sight
I know you are with me
each hour and minute
I feel you around me
There seems to be no limit
So my darling daughter
I want you to know
I miss you and Thank You
for helping me let you go

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