Laurianne's Hope

Friday, November 11, 2005

deja vu

First Lynda I want to thank you for your poem broken chain. I know it is very painful if the chain is broken and it almost feel it is unrepairable but I also think a smaller chain will be stronger.

This week has been the first week that we are with the 3 of us. I titled it deja vu because we doing the same thing as 30 years ago. Yesterday we went to target for nipples for Calem'bs ottles, and currently we are looking for a new stroller. Laurianne researched a lot of this and of course we gonna try to honor her wishes. It was a strange week with a lot of emptyness. Today I took Calem for a walk in his bigger jogging stroller. He finally fit in it. I know that Laurianne could not wait for Calem to fit in it. I am really regretting it that she is not here anymore to enjoy it. It is also strangely quiet in the house with no more Kaiser appointments. But well one of these days we might get accustomed to it.

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