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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Laurianne Sightings

Laurianne and Calem - Relay for Life 2005

Laurianne has been sighted on the following blogs (in alphabetical order):

Cathy - My Life

Factor 10 - Did You Ever Get the Feeling....

Mr. Fabulous - Pointless Drivel

Jaye - Just a Mom

Jen - I Reject My Reality and Fabricate My Own

Jolie - Allrighty Then

Libragirl - If Life Were Perfect

Ms. L - Those Weird Homeschoolers

Shelli - Shelli's Sentiments

Zed - The World According to Zed

(Please let me know if I forgot you, and I will add you as soon as possible.)

Please visit our Relay for Life Team, Laurianne's Hope, to see how well we are doing or to make a donation. Every dollar makes a difference towards a cure for cancer. If you are unfamiliar with Laurianne's story, please visit or click Laurianne's Story on the sidebar.

Laurianne - Thanksgiving 2002

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Laurianne at Relay for Life 2005
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Relay for Life 2006

Every dollar makes a difference.
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No matter how you have given us your support, we thank you all!

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