Laurianne's Hope

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It is hard to believe

That 3 weeks ago Laurianne was still alive.Who would have guessed that she would leave us forever that saturday night. I am still thankful for all the firemen paramedics and doctors to try to save her live. In the last weeks after her brain surgery she let us know that she was very afraid of severs suffering and possible getting on hospice. We really don't know if people know when it is the end of their life. Significant is that she had done all her christmas shopping for Calem. I relive that horrible saturday night many times. Every time I her a siren of a ambulance I had the picture in my head following the ambulance with the sirens on to the hospital. I am personally happy that Laurianne did not have the suffering what she was fearing so much. I can live with the fact that she is in a place where there is no illnes seizures or pain. I hope her death at an early age is not for nothing and that her story can be used to bring awareness to lung cancer. That it is not a disease to punish smokers, but that it also happpens a lot to non smokers, especially non smoking women. I hope that we who stay behind are able to cope with this inmense loss.

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