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Thursday, November 17, 2005

A small step forwards

Today my daughter sent me a link about women and non smoking lung cancer. It told the story of a woman in her 30's battling lung cancer.Two days ago there was a segment on ABC news about the same subject. It is my understanding that tomorow morning there will be a discussion on Good Morning America with Dana Reeves. I am delighted that so much education is given to the public this week especially since November is Lung Cancer Awareness month.

I was also delighted that a person I don't know commented on my blog. I wish him or her all the best and all I have to say to him or her is you can do it and I commend you for it. I remember when I tried to quit it took me a long time but in the long run I did it.

I hope the news will continue to pay attention to this severe epidemic called lung cancer because nobody deserves lung cancer.

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