Laurianne's Hope

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

tis the season to be jolly

With just over a week for thanksgiving and the traditional start of the holiday season I was thinking maybe we should skip the whole season this year. Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed with grieve that you yhink you never gonna celebrate, or sometimes you doubt if you even can be happy again in this lifetime. Even with the sun shining and experiencing 80 degrees here in California the whole world looks very somber and dark at this time to me.

But then when I walked today in Michael's old bedroom and I saw all the presents Laurianne bought just 3 weeks before she died, I felt very selfish. I remembered Laurianne always said "I want it to be the best christmas ever". I should really try to make the best of it even if it is for the people around me and especially for Calem, of course. Iam pretty sure that's what Laurianne wants from me too. And even if I am not in the holiday spirit this year, I should make the best for all the people who are close to me. Of course the best christmas present this year would be if the guardianship for Calem comes through the way Laurianne and us wanted it to be.

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